On-demand research teams capable of tackling challenging information management issues.
Active research program includes contributions to standards and specifications and scientific publications.

Selected recent publications

  • D. Massart and E. Shulman. Unlocking open educational resources (OERs) interaction data. D-Lib Magazine, 19(5/6), May-June 2013.
  • D. Massart and E. Shulman. ASPECT: Learning specifications at work. IEEE Learning Technology Newsletter, 13(3):7–11, July 2011.
  • D. Massart, E. Shulman, N. Nicholas, N. Ward, and F. Bergeron. Taming the metadata beast: ILOX. D-Lib Magazine, 16(11/12), November/December 2010./li>
  • D. Massart and E. Shulman, editors. Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Search and Exchange of e-le@rning Materials (SE@M’10), volume 681, Barcelona, Spain, September 2010. CEUR Workshop Proceedings. Available as http://CEUR-WS.org/Vol-681.

Standards and specifications

  • IMS Learning Object Discovery & Exchange
  • IEEE Learning Object Metadata
  • CEN WSLT Simple Query Interface
  • CEN WSLT Simple Publishing Interface
  • CEN WSLT Interoperability of Learning Object Repository Registries
  • US Dept. of Education Learning Registry


  • Research reports
  • Comparative reviews
  • Strategic recommendations