ZettaDataNet core business services are data and metadata integration

We collect, aggregate, organize and enrich data from heterogeneous online sources (e.g., web sites, APIs, web services, repositories, databases). Through these processes we deliver coherent and semantically rich big data stores for exploitation by data scientists or specialized search engines.

Depending on your requirements, our services include:

  1. ZettaDataNet Service: We provide integrated data as a service. We collect and integrate data on behalf of clients so that they can focus on the exploitation of data rather than its acquisition;
  2. ZettaDataNet Suite: We license ZettaDataNet suite of tools to clients for deployment on their own infrastructures;
  3. ZettaDataNet Build: We work with clients on establishing teams, infrastructures, and tools in order to build and manage their own data aggregation and integration workflows;
  4. ZettaDataNet Consulting: We advise and guide clients in handling various data and metadata collection, curation, management, interoperability, aggregation, and integration issues.

Data curation and integration can take up to 80% of the time of data scientists.

ZettaDataNet let’s our clients focus on their primary objectives by providing them with the ready-to-use, high quality data and metadata they need.


Data Integration, Data Curation, Metadata Management, Technical and Semantic Interoperability, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Management, Distributed Architectures, Metadata, Web-Services, Information Modeling, Design Patterns, Open Standards, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Software Engineering, Digital Asset Management, Big Data, Map/Reduce, Multilingual Vocabulary Management.

Past clients

  • Achieve, Inc., USA
  • British Educational Communications & Technology Agency (Becta)
  • Educational Testing Service, USA
  • Fond de Recherche sur la Société et la Culture, Québec, Canada
  • Research Executive Agency, European Commission (IST Programme)
  • Research Promotion Foundation, Republic of Cyprus
  • SRI International, USA